I'm research software engineer in the Drosophila Connectomics Group at the University of Cambridge. I'm interested in neuroscience and machine-learning, particularly decision making (of humans, animals and machines). In 2021 I became a Software Sustainability Institute Fellow, where I advocate for the open science movement; for example by contributing to open source projects. Among others, in the past, I worked on brain computer-interfaces, psychophysics, brain functional connectivity estimators, natural language processing, Shiny packages and artificial neural networks.

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Research publications


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Non-exhaustive list of my public presentations.

Scientific conferences:

SBDM 2021 (Paris), MLPrague 2021 (online), MLinPL'20 (online), Neuromatch2 (online), SFN 2019 (Chicago), ITAI 2019 (Cardiff), HEALTAC 2019 (Cardiff), MEG UK 2019 (Cardiff), Science Polish Perspectives 2018 (Oxford), OHBM 2018 (Singapore), MEG UK 2018 (Londonderry/Derry), Brainstorm 2016 (Warsaw), Mind, Brain and Body Symposium 2016 (Berlin), Neuronus 2015 (Cracow), 4th Aspects of Neuroscience 2014 (Warsaw)


Big Data and High-Performance Computing 2018 & 2019 (invited talk), Shiny semantic workshop at SatRday Gdańsk 2019, 4th Baltic-Nordic Summer School on Neuroinformatics 2016


SatRday Cardiff, SatRday Amsterdam, PyData Cardiff, CaRdiff


I am active member of various coding communities, i.e. CaRdiff R Users, AI Wales and PyData Cardiff. Also, I was involved in: